Bugzy Malone Hopes To Inspire In "B. Inspired"

No artist can do what they do without help, nor can they do it without inspiration. One of grimes biggest names - Bugzy Malone - knows that very well. Bugzy Malone hopes to inspire in B. Inspired in the name of all the people who helped him get to where he is now.

Bugzy Malone establishes the theme of inspiration from the very start with title track 'B. Inspired.' This track is less of a song and more of a moment he can share with his audience as he explains that he hops everyone listening will be able to find inspiration somewhere. The dark yet hopeful beat carries this message forward before digging right into the real meat of album, the quick-fire track 'Warning' bringing the album to a bustling start. Bugzy Malone has a very dynamic album here, though the threatening, fiery tracks like 'Come Through' and 'Done His Dance' roaring loud and proud on the album. There are softer, more ballad-like tracks too, like 'Ordinary People' where JP Cooper's vocals and hook really carry the track and in the reflective 'Separation.'

B. Inspired brings many things to the table. No track is the same in terms of beat or flow, and Bugzy Malone certainly has a lot to talk about, both in terms of the past and future. One thing that really shines in this album is his character. While grime certainly has some of hip-hop's most creative artists, it can't be said that it's entirely free from those who just want money and fame. Bugzy Malone isn't amongst that brood. He comes off as very genuine throughout this record, whether he's spitting fire and warning his peers about his threat or whether he's speaking to a past love. This becomes more apparent at the end of the record, where tracks like 'Death Do Us Part' come off as more of an apology than anything. Closing track 'The End' ends the record just as it began: like a moment shared between artist and fan, where he thanks some of the people that brought him to where he is and he explains some of the things he had to go through to get here.

Bugzy Malone hopes to inspire in B. Inspired and be at least part of a guiding light that so many people were for him. This record is one about finding your true character, that message being told through Bugzy Malone's story of his past, present, and future. There's a lot to take in here, and a lot to enjoy.

Favorite Track: Warning

Least Favorite Track: Heart

Rating: 76 / 100

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