Beach House Channel A Peaceful Atmosphere In "7"

There's nothing like a relaxing record that can take you on a journey as well. Beach House channel a peaceful atmosphere in 7, a spiraling album that grows from beginning to end.

The start of 7 is pretty deceivingly simple. Opening track 'Dark Spring' brings the album in with huge drums and a warm vibe, sending off some classic indie vibes. It is followed by the relaxing sound of 'Pay No Mind,' which washes over you like a wave with its constantly driving mood. The simplicity starts taking a new form beginning with 'Lemon Glow,' its energy slowly growing as the song progresses, 'L'inconnue' keeping that progression going.

The second half of the album is where Beach House really start making waves. 'Drunk In LA' is the creative centerpiece of the record, its spiraling and dramatic composition sounding huge and otherworldly. Closing track 'Last Ride' has a similarly ethereal vibe to carry the record out on an ephemeral vibe. The second half of the record is full of unique character, built from these spiraling tracks and the punchy attitude of 'Dive' and and somber tone of 'Lose Your Smile.' Even the mysterious synths of 'Black Car' add to the record's curiosity. There is a lot of personality and mystery build into this half.

Beach House channel a peaceful atmosphere in 7, moving from a simple and peaceful first half into a more mysterious and intimate setting as it progresses. It's both a perfect album to chill to and to think to.

Favorite Track: Drunk In LA

Least Favorite Track: Woo

Rating: 75 / 100

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