Lykke Li Gets Sensual In Evocative "so sad so sexy"

You can't have a pop record without a bit of sensitivity. And if you're Lykke Li, emotions - particularly lust and loneliness - become everything. Lykke Li gets sensual in her evocative new record so sad so sexy, taking her unique poppy sound to a personal place.

so sad so sexy is a pretty diverse record, even if it all revolves around a few central ideas. 'Hard Rain' brings the album to a pretty odd start, though this unique track definitely captures your interest for everything that follows. Other unique tracks include the trappy blend of 'Sex Money Feelings Die' and the gentle, bubbly atmosphere of 'Jaguars In The Air.' Lykke Li branches out of her comfort zone with songs that have a hip-hop influence, including on 'Two Nights' which features Aminé.

While Lykke Li does try new things in so sad so sexy, there's definitely some songs that play it safer. 'Deep End' takes on a more characteristically dramatic vibe, with a poppier sound than the album's start. An alternative drive is present in title track 'So Sad So Sexy,' giving it a more approachable sound. The end of the album is where Lykke Li really reaches in, delivering sounds that are intrinsically hers. 'Better Alone' has the classic dark indie pop vibe that oozes sensuality, but 'Bad Woman' follows up apologetically, really digging in to the album's sadder core. Closing track 'Utopia' may be a bit repetitive, but it does end the record on an enchanting note.

Lykke Lie gets sensual in her evocative new album so sad so sexy, showing both lust and vulnerability. The record doesn't have many highs, but its a continuously hypnotizing experience all the way through, truly putting you in a trance of simultaneous desire and pain.

Favorite Track: Bad Woman

Least Favorite Track: Last Piece

Rating: 70 / 100

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