PRhyme Deliver Some Old-School Hip-Hop Goodness In "PRhyme 2"

Hip-hop outfit PRhyme is one of the few acts right now that still take real influence from rap's old legends, while still pushing on a modern front. PRhyme deliver some old-school hip-hop goodness in PRhyme 2, offering some great fusions of old and new.

If there's one thing PRhyme certainly has, it's swagger. Opening 'Interlude 1 (Salute)' is a genuine introduction for those that missed the first album, leading straight into the clever 'Black History' that has a lot of great lines throughout it that'll pique your interest. The same badass attitude can be found throughout the entire album, including in 'Era' which sees Dave East assisting in delivering some darkness to the album. 

Not only is PRhyme 2 complete with its hip-hop swag, but it's very creative, too. There's not really any two songs that sound the same, each being unique. Not every track comes across in a capturing way, however, 'Respect My Gun' featuring Roc Marciano being one of the few songs that really misses the mark. The wild and frantic beat of 'Rock It' really plays to PRhyme's creativity, and closing track 'Gotta Love It' sees them shouting out all the artists they believe are also spearheading creativity. Alongside CeeLo Green and Brady Watt, PRhyme praises some modern rappers, shouting out Danny Brown and Big Sean: "I'm goin' out on a limb, tell Danny Brown I love him / Big Sean, I'm behind you, no matter what you do." Even for as much authority Royce Da 5'9 and DJ Premier have, they appreciate the new stage of hip-hop, which is an important quality for any classic musician.

PRhyme deliver some old-school hip-hop goodness in PRhyme 2, mixing the old with the new. Their sound is fresh with a hint of nostalgia, and above all is creative and driven, which is a lot more than can be said for some of hip-hop's current stars. It's good to see the spirit never truly dies out.

Favorite Track: Era

Least Favorite Track: Respect My Gun

Rating: 75 / 100

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