Rick van Meijel Finds His Place In Debut EP "Reliving"

When dealing with instrumental music, it's really up to the core melodies to make up the mood. On his first EP, Rick van Meijel makes it about more than just the melodies, however. Rick van Meijel finds his place in his debut EP Reliving, drawing upon the atmosphere and drive to create real emotions.

While short, Reliving covers quite a bit of ground. Opening track 'The Spark' feels ambitious and has a lot of strive, as if its running towards something it desperately wants to achieve. It's followed by the even more driven 'Fighting The Storms,' glitchy synths leading into giant drums and powerful rhythm guitars. Things take a more solemn, introspective turn from there, 'Abandoned Roots' taking on a more progressive vibe with emphasis on the percussion as it establishes a unique groove. 'Milky Way' is more spacious, providing for a soothing adventure through space before the reflective ending of 'Anything.' There's a lot of different emotions throughout the EP, and it almost feels like you're living through someone else's experiences and life as you move with each song.

Rick van Meijel finds his place in his debut EP Reliving, building his first material out of real emotion and experience. You can feel the drive to move forward and make something of himself, all without the need for lyrics. It's nothing groundbreaking, but its the start of a potentially fruitful production career.

Favorite Track: Fighting The Storms

Least Favorite Track: Milky Way

Rating: 70 / 100

Reliving is out on June 8.