Susanna's "Go Dig My Grave" Has A Lot Of Stories To Tell

An album with a story always has a lot of power behind it. An album that tells a lot of stories is even stronger. Susanna's Go Dig My Grave has a lot of stories to tell, capturing you in its folky, haunting vibes.

When listening to Susanna's music, you get a real sense of her person. The great thing in folk music is how honest it is, telling tales in very personal ways. 'Freight Train,' the album's opener, is just that. It's peaceful with its gentle guitars and has a very grassroots vibe to it, allowing you to really connect with the person behind the lyrics. There are plenty of moments that really give you that sense of Go Dig My Grave being a sort of one-on-one conversation, as if Susana is telling you a story in painstaking detail for you to form an opening about before moving onto the next, with tracks such as 'Rye Whiskey' really selling that personal and rustic side of the album.

There's a lot more depth to the actual stories in their sonic aspect, too, working with the words to really make something special. There are many times where Susanna's voice is simply haunting, songs like 'The Willow Song' really leaving a ghastly impact behind. Perhaps most chilling is 'The Three Ravens,' the music very pretty while Susanna recites the old folk song. The great melodies pair beautifully with the timbre of her voice, really bringing a new element to an old story. There's a cadence in her voice that adds a lot of wisdom and weathering to the words she sings, leaving you with a lasting memory of the music.

Susanna's Go Dig My Grave has a lot of stories to tell, and with the timbre of her voice, she adds a new element to her seemingly aged tales. There's a huge grassroots sounds to the record, almost to an enchanting level. It comes from a personal place, a very important factor for any folk album.

Favorite Track: The Three Ravens

Least Favorite Track: Wilderness

Rating: 73 / 100

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