My Brightest Diamond Issues A Challenge With "A Million and One"

The world loves a confident pop star, and My Brightest Diamond is here to deliver, complete with a new record and endless personality. My Brightest Diamond issues a challenge with A Million and One, all the while showing why she demands respect.

You can tell right from the start that My Brightest Diamond has a score to settle. A Million and One opens with ‘It’s Me On The Dance Floor,’ a self-proclaimed anthem that bursts with subtle yet certain confidence. The punchy synths and freeing attitude are a common motif throughout the record, present in other tracks like the dark anthem ‘Champagne‘ and closing track ‘White Noise,’ dominated by funk and its punchiness. My Brightest Diamond sounds almost threatening in ‘You Wanna See My Teeth,’ almost as if the entire track were just a snarl. She’s really here to make a statement.

It’s almost like it’s My Brightest Diamond’s attitude talking in A Million and One instead of her herself, which makes a statement in its own right. While some tracks have an indie sensibility to them that attempts to keep the nature of the record light (see: ‘Another Chance‘ and ‘Mother‘), it always loops back to this brooding sense of dominance. The slow creep of ‘Sway‘ and the Nine Inch Nails pessimism and growl of ‘Supernova‘ both make much more of an impact. This record is all about her womanhood and her confidence, and nothing but.

My Brightest Diamond issues a challenge with A Million and One: to unapologetically be yourself. Every second of this record oozes confidence, which is a rare sight. Instead of being blindsighted by her insecurities, My Brightest Diamond flaunts only her power, and that is where her real spark lies.

Favorite Track: A Million Pearls

Least Favorite Track: Another Chance

Rating: 74 / 100

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