Logic Gives It His All In "Bobby Tarantino II"

Logic gets a lot of flak for not having the same type of output that he has on mixtapes that he does on albums. While most are open to both of these sides, he's delivering on the "better" end of things. Logic gives it his all in Bobby Tarantino II, delivering fiery verses full of thankfulness, passion, and even anger.

Logic makes sure Bobby Tarantino II grabs you from the start, and what better way to introduce it than with Rick & Morty? 'Grandpa's Space Ship' is literally a Rick & Morty sketch, similar to the sketches that dotted Logic's 2015 album The Incredible True Story, and it'll make you wish every album opened like that. Straight out of the intro comes 'Overnight,' bringing the actual musical content to a big start with a strong beat. 'Contra' is where Logic starts really taking off, his flow dynamic and quick. Big Sean helps Logic throw down in 'Wassup,' where both artists go off. It's clear that Logic isn't holding back at all here.

There's a lot of different vibes going on within Bobby Tarantino II. Good vibes come in the forms of 'Yuck' that comes complete with a nice call from Elton John and 'Wizard Of Oz.' Closing track '44 More,' where Logic's flow is great as he raps about his issues, from his family to the industry itself (with the added bonus of the song being exactly 44 bars long). The production is slick and tight throughout the entire album, the beat change on 'Midnight' being one of the strongest moments on the album. A few songs don't quite go all the way, like 'Indica Badu' with Wiz Khalifa, which could've been a great song about getting high if it weren't for the obnoxious end. The Marshmello collaboration 'Everyday,' which is inspiring but doesn't quite have the same power as the rest of the mixtape. 'BoomTrap Protocol' is similar with its nice sentiments, keeping things chill and cool in a form more suiting to the rest of the tape.

Logic gives it his all in Bobby Tarantino II, giving his fans a taste of the more intense Logic they know well. This mixtape shows where Logic really shines, bringing his dynamic, lyrical, and creative sides all together for one jam of a tape.

Favorite Tracks: 44 More, Wassup, Contra, Midnight 

Least Favorite Track: Indica Bidu, Everyday

Rating: 80 / 100

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