Unknown Mortal Orchestra Get Weird In Their Experimental "IC-01 Hanoi"

Unknown Mortal Orchestra never play by the books, but their latest record sees them stay far off of any beaten path. Unknown Mortal Orchestra get weird in their experimental new album IC-01 Hanoi, bringing chaos and energy into one eclectic record.

IC-01 Hanoi comes from the band’s time in Hanoi, Vietnam during the sessions from their previous record Sex & Love. While their previous record was much more expansive and accessible, IC-01 Hanoi is nearly the opposite. This record is extremely experimental, opening track ‘Hanoi 1 opening the record on a suiting note with a weird energy. ‘Hanoi 2‘ follows with a similarly discursive mood, an odd peacefulness defining the track.

Things only get weirder as the album continues. ‘Hanoi 3‘ has a cooler, accessible vibe to it that’s not quite as wild as the other tracks. ‘Hanoi 5‘ is entirely just weird, but has enough drive to it to make it somewhat of a jam. ‘Hanoi 6‘ really captures everything this album has to offer, the nearly 10-minute track being a home for all things chaotic. There’s this tribal energy to it that underlies the jazzy overtones and wild saxophones, giving a taste of true chaos.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra get weird in their experimental new album IC-01 Hanoi, taking some of their wildest tracks from their last album’s sessions and putting together a chaotic record. There’s beauty to be found within the wildness of this record, but there’s also an acquired taste to it that you need to get used to before you can appreciate it.

Favorite Track: Hanoi 3

Least Favorite Tracks: Hanoi 5, Hanoi 7

Rating: 67 / 100

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