Wild Pink Looks Ahead In "Yolk In The Fur"

A reflective indie album seems to always have a way of finding answers yet asking more questions. Wild Pink looks ahead in Yolk In The Fur, a dynamic record that tries to find answers for the future while still asking questions about the past.

The introspective vibe of Yolk In The Fur really adds to its effect. It builds such a relatable and familiar vibe, Wild Pink approaching the music as if they're talking to a friend about personal issues. A warm atmosphere is built in tracks like title track 'Yolk In The Fur,' which really helps sell that feeling of familiarity. Just as Wild Pink attempt to find their own answers, it almost invites you do the same as the record moves forward. Other tracks with that indie warmth are 'Jewels Drossed In The Runoff' and the sunny and energetic 'Lake Erie.'

There's something more to Yolk In The Fur that makes it a bit more complex than a simple "we understand you" sort of album. As it progresses, it seems to become more content with a lack of understanding. At the start of the record, tracks like starting song 'Burger Hill' are calm but have this reflective quality that seem to be hunting for some sort of answer. By the end of the record, that hunt is largely abandoned, even if the questions still remain. Some are found, but others left to wonder about: 'There Is A Ledger' perhaps describes it best, the seemingly lost and dazed song stating, "I don't know what happens next." With that revelation, the music feels less like it has to answer something and more like it just wants to face things head on: the quieter 'John Mosby Hollow Drive' and calm, slow 'The Seance On St. Augustine St.' take things down a notch and feel much more grounded than the earlier songs.

Wild Pink looks ahead in Yolk In The Fur, setting out on a journey to answer questions but ultimately becoming content not knowing the answer. It's almost like anecdotal, a short story that climaxed with a revelation and a short tale of what came after. If you can say anything about Yolk In The Fur, it's that it had you thinking about what's next for yourself, hopefully having you wonder about the same questions it presented before finally being okay without truly knowing what's ahead.

Favorite Track: There Is A Ledger

Least Favorite Track: Civility At Gunpoint

Rating: 75 / 100

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