Jenn Champion Bares A Broken Heart In "Single Rider"

Heartbreak is never something easy to overcome, and in some cases the denial and grief comes in full force. Something that helps us get through it: music. Jenn Champion bares a broken heart in Single Rider as she embarks on a mental journey to overcome her pain.

Single Rider may have a heavy pretense, but the music is pretty chill throughout. The gentle disposition she has is almost eerie when put into account what she's going through: the calmness in the face of tragedy reveals how much it's affected her. 'O.M.G. (I'm All Over It)' introduces the record calmly, a nice vibe enveloping you and putting you in a state of comfort as Champion tries to tell herself that she's over it. The reality is, and which presents itself as the album continues, is that it's the contrary. 'Coming For You' follows through more honestly, the beautiful melodies and sweet synths supporting Champion's story of finding her own worth, the chorus chanting: "Got somethin' to prove, and nothin' to lose / I'm comin' for you." In the song, Champion finds herself wanting to prove to her partner that she isn't something to be thrown aside.

Champion sings through a lot of different emotions in Single Rider, making it a very dynamic listen. 'You Knew' feels so full of life, but at the same time feels so broken (though the brass section at the end is a nice touch for a bit of color on the record). 'Holding On' is more desperate, while 'The Move' is more of a plea. From song to song, it feels like Champion is battling her own demons one step at a time, sometimes going forward and other times moving back. 'Time To Regulate,' for example, is a pretty reassuring track that seems to put her on a path towards recovery, the dynamic instrumental supporting that new-found strength. However, the track that follows, 'Bleed,' is simply heartbreaking. There isn't a linear process to recovery, which is perfectly exemplified in Single Rider, which ends on an intimate note in the alternative 'Going Nowhere,' ending the story in the middle.

Jenn Champion bares a broken heart in Single Rider, a journey through heartbreak with no certain end. It's not a perfect path: it has its ups and downs, and sometimes takes unexpected terms. But this record mirrors the reality: there's no one way to heal. Single Rider is the perfect example of that bumpy road, and how even when you think you've reached an end, there's still a ways to go.

Favorite Tracks: Coming For You, Hustle, You Knew

Least Favorite Track: Mainline

Rating: 77 / 100

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