Geowulf's "Great Big Blue" Is The Soundtrack For A Sad Summer

Not every summer is destined for greatness. While the sun and shine can always lead the way to good times, there will always be moments when the light can't shield you from all the bad that can come. Geowulf's Great Big Blue is the soundtrack for a sad summer, it's shimmery production and bright drive contrasting the somber lyrics that get all the vibes across wonderfully.

To capture the essence of a sad summer, you still have to bring in the elements that remind you of summer, and Geowulf are conscious of that. Opening Great Big Blue is 'Sunday,' its super chill and has an overall sweetness to it that makes you feel all warm. Other songs like 'Greatest Fool' have big drive and really capture the more active side of summer, and is the kind of song you can play in the car with your friends as you take a trip down to the beach. The same is true of 'Get You,' its big drums and wonderful harmonies even providing for a sing-a-long presence. The vibe is definitely captured here.

Almost in the fashion of The Cure, however, the darkness is sometimes masked by the light. Not all of the songs are inherently about sadness, but there definitely ones that stand out. 'Don't Talk About You' has the shimmery guitar and lounge feel of a beach-side party at sunset, but the lyrics definitely have a sad, reminiscing vibe to them, Star Kendrick's sweet vocals crying out "I still think about you all the time / I still have you right here on my mind" at the end of the song that spends its time trying to convince itself that "I don't talk about you no more." The build of the song is huge, vocal layers and subtle orchestration adding to the song's big end. 'Work In Progress' wraps up the album on a chill yet somber note, as if the night is finally coming to an end. There's a story of a summer day told by the album: from hope to a somber end with a drink or two, getting ready to tie yourself back together for the day to come.

Geowulf's Great Big Blue is the soundtrack for a sad summer, perfectly capturing both the essence of summer and progressing from hope to a more sad reminiscing while keeping the album flowing. It's a signature record for anyone who's felt that sort of heartbreak and loneliness during a time when you're meant to be living your life. Not every moment can be golden, though; sometimes you have to stay blue to know when the colors will change.

Favorite Tracks: Don't Talk About You, Get You

Least Favorite Track: Hideaway

Rating: 75 / 100

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