Oneohtrix Point Never Delivers A Diverse Experience With "The Station"

Ambient music is a hard beast to tackle, but Oneohtrix Point Never has made a name for himself by never failing to fall short when creating. His latest EP continues to amaze, as Oneohtrix Point Never delivers a diverse experience with The Station.

The Station is simple, yet deceivingly so. It may seem like the tracks are just simple, but there's something so ethereal about them that grabs you in almost unknowingly. Title track 'The Station' introduces the short EP with an endearing, catchy beat that supports distorted vocals. As the track progresses, the complexity gradually grows as more rugged and off-kilter. 'Monody' follows up darkly with more distorted chaos before 'Blow By Blow' and 'Trance 1' take the EP out hauntingly but calmly. There's a lot done in this short span of time, all with simple control of atmosphere that Oneohtrix Point Never is able to do so well.

Oneohtrix Point Never delivers a diverse experience with The Station, showing how easily he is able to capture an atmosphere, turn it on its head, and still captivate an audience. You get roped into the record without even knowing it, and its charm never falters, either.

Favorite Track: The Station

Least Favorite Track: Trance 1

Rating: 72 / 100

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