Aisha Burns Keep Things Soulful In "Argonauta"

The story is always the most important part of a folk record. Aisha Burns keeps things soulful in Argonauta, her new album that focusses on its atmosphere and tells personal stories with her haunting voice.

There's a certain air to Argonauta that makes it feel entrancing. Opening track 'We Were Worn' establishes it all, the soulful sound of the gentle acoustics and Burns' voice adding to the very intimate feeling the track gives off. It has a bit of an anthemic, uplifting vibe to it, building gently to the end for something quite powerful. The pretty orchestras of 'Must Be A Way' have pretty orchestras that build it up nicely as well, giving it the right atmosphere. While the gorgeous orchestra of 'Must Be A Way' paints a blissful picture, 'Would You Come To Me' envelops you in a more warming sound.

Burns' voice is one of the highlights of the record. Her voice rings hauntingly in 'I Thought I Knew You Well,' though its really the whole of the track that makes it sound ghastly. Her vocals take the lead in 'If I,' the gentle acoustic giving way to a magical build that creates an ethereal sound. Calming title track 'Argonauta' shows that her voice is more than just a catalyst for creating something intimately ghastly, but she can make things peaceful, too. Closing track 'Where Do I Begin' ends softly, closing the record gently like a book.

Aisha Burns keeps things soulful in Argonauta, creating beautiful, ghastly, and calming tracks using her voice as the vessel for it all. Its atmosphere builds something really intimate and personal, so even though the record may seem cavernous with its echoing drama, there's also a one-on-one conversation between artist and listener.

Favorite Track: We Were Worn

Least Favorite Track: Would You Come To Me

Rating: 75 / 100

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