Carl Broemel Brings Chill Vibes With "Wished Out"

Something you can lay back to and chill with always leads to a great record. Carl Broemel brings chill vibes with Wished Out, his latest record that brings with it the perfect sounds to enjoy.

Carl Broemel goes for a relaxing, storytelling atmosphere in order to really connect with his audience. Tracks like ‘Second Fiddle‘ keep that atmosphere alive, bringing very chill chords and delivery with it to keep you relaxed. Broemel employs different types of tracks to keep things fresh throughout the record, as well. A prime example of that is ‘No One Else,’ a very loving and romantic track that perfectly builds that “perfect night” atmosphere. Broemel doesn’t settle for basic.

One thing to note about Wished Out is that Broemel doesn’t forget to have fun with it, either. Opening track ‘Dark Matter‘ is notably upbeat to start the record off, putting off those good vibes to ensure things will be a pretty welcoming experience. The next track, title track ‘Wished Out,’ is a bit discursive in that regard, it’s awesome dark atmosphere leading to a killer solo at the end. There is energy on this album, particularly in the places where Broemel lets the guitar roar, like in closing track ‘Out Of Reach.’ The wild abode of ‘Rain Check‘ also adds some dynamic to Wished Out, but at the end of it all, it’s clear that Wished Out is about keeping things true-to-self.

Carl Broemel brings chill vibes with Wished Out, a record that doesn’t have too much energy but definitely is one you can kick back to. It’s fun, it’s personal, and most of all, it’s him, which is pretty much what you want out of any record.

Favorite Tracks: No One Else, Wished Out

Least Favorite Track: Starting From Scratch

Rating: 75 / 100

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