Iceage Sticks With Their Unique Sound In "Beyondless"

Indie punk outfit Iceage have always stood out thanks to their sound. Every effort seems to stand out even more, and their newest record is no exception. Iceage sticks with their unique sound in Beyondless, showing a bit more of a a fun side to their music.

Throughout the album, Iceage employs a lot of new ideas to add a new color to their music. The first risk they take is perhaps one of the most interesting on the record: 'Pain Killer' featuring Sky Ferreira. It's an interesting duo to say the least, but it makes for a strong track that's full of energy. It's followed by the funky 'Under The Sun' and the punchy 'The Day The Music Dies,' both keeping the energy alive. Even at the end, it feels like that energy is alive and well, 'Showtime' sounding like a drunken party. 

While Beyondless is full of a seeming newfound youth, there's still a punk side to it that shows loud and proud. Opening track 'Hurrah' is huge and unrelenting, bringing the record to a bustling start. Iceage's off-kilter punk feel comes out in 'Plead The Fifth' which its strange stride, and the explosive energy at the end of 'Catch It' is full of that angry bombast. Even 'Thieves Like Us' with its rustic feel comes with an underdog atmosphere, which is all that Iceage is about.

Iceage sticks with their unique sound in Beyondless and have some fun with it, giving the record a lively feel. It's intrinsically theirs while still affording to be daring, showing that their real core is something that can never be lost, no matter how big a risk they take.

Favorite Track: Pain Killer

Least Favorite Track: Showtime

Rating: 75 / 100

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