Sunflower Bean Play Things Too Safe In "Twentytwo In Blue"

There's nothing wrong with a classic little bit of indie rock once in awhile, but nowadays you really want something different to satisfy your palette. Sunflower Bean play things too safe in Twentytwo in Blue, sticking closely to the zeitgeist of the genre and not really carving out a sound of their own.

Twentytwo In Blue, while average, is still wholly enjoyable. It has an interesting production to it that gives it a slight lo-fi and nostalgic atmosphere, which is a key component any indie artist would want to hit upon. Twentytwo In Blue has a sense of brokenness to it, as is expected. 'Twentytwo' is sort of an anthem for the broken, its defeated tones really establishing the album's overall vibe well. 

The problem with the album lies in the fact that it both feels like something you've heard before and that it seems to be too afraid to do anything differently. Opening track 'Burn It' brings some good, rocky vibes to the beginning to give the album its rustic vibe, and it's all fine until that sound really doesn't change much at all. The long build of 'Only A Moment' sees it latch onto a single phrase and keep on repeating it as things slowly but surely get more energetic, something that's repeated three times in the following songs. Sunflower Bean really cling to one idea when trying to get a mood across, and even if its serves to function with the theme of the album, it just comes off as lazy writing.

Sunflower Bean play things too safe in Twentytwo In Blue in the search of making an album for the confused and broken people faced with growing up. In their efforts to be as nostalgic as possible, they lose sight of structure and writing, and end up delivering a lazy product in the end. Twentytwo In Blue isn't a bad album to listen to, but it's not one that provides much worthwhile material.

Favorite Track: Burn It

Least Favorite Track: Sinking Sand

Rating: 59 / 100

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