Arcadian Child Ride A Spiraling Wave In "Superfonica"

Psychedelic music has long since seen its peak, but that doesn’t mean it’s died. Many artists still carry on its legacy today, giving it a modern touch while still keeping true to its foundations. Arcadian Child ride a spiraling wave in Superfonica, a dynamic record that shows psychedelic music is for from a dead practice.

It’s hard to really carve out a proper niche with psychedelic music nowadays without being labelled as a copy, but Arcadian Child have a great atmosphere to them that really makes them their own body. Opening track ‘Bain Marie‘ starts the record slow and brooding, as if an anger was building up right from the beginning. That energy is definitely present throughout the record, with tracks like ‘Brothers' coming with an awesome guitar solo after its slow bustling drive gets it there and the cool march of ‘Before We Die‘ that grows with energy at the end of the record.

There’s more than a dark, angry energy on the record, though. Superfonica comes complete with a nice showcase of what Arcadian Child has to offer. An Oasis like vibe comes with ‘Twist Your Spirit,‘ a calmer track that really has its own special kick to it. ‘Painting‘ spirals out in a trippy fashion to really show their psychedelic roots, while the cool grove of ‘Constellations‘ before it keeps the record sounding fresh. Doing all of this right is surprisingly difficult nowadays.

Arcadian Child ride a spiraling wave in Superfonica, showing off their great blend of modern alternative and old school psychedelic. Especially with this genre, you don’t see a lot of modern bands carving out their own unique identity that’ll keep them going in the long run. If this record has anything to prove, it’s that Arcadian Child are here to stay.

Favorite Track: Before We Die

Least Favorite Track: She Flows

Rating: 73 / 100

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