Bonny Doon Stay Relaxed In "Longwave"

Certain atmospheres call for certain types of music. Sometimes, all you want is something to sit back an think about, but doesn't bring too much energy or attack to it. Bonny Doon stay relaxed in Longwave, delivering listen that may have you thinking at times.

There's nothing too energetic on Longwave, making it pretty easy to swallow. It begins with title track 'Long Wave,' bringing a warm, feel good vibes and a relaxing feel to kick the album off. They keep this momentum going throughout the entirety of the record, never getting too energetic or too calm. On top of that chill mood comes a lot of honesty, which can definitely be heard in the lyrics of songs like 'A Lotta Things' where the words function to really get things off of their chests.

While the relaxing aspect of Longwave is certainly sweet, it does leave a bit more to desire. You just wish for some air of energy instead of the constant slow moving drives, making for some boring periods. The few songs that do stand out are due to theme rather than energy, which lets them work well as individual songs but keep things as whole bolted down. 'I Am Here (I Am Alive)' is a sort of existential track, appreciating life but still can't shake the feeling of "I just want to be where I'm going,' a very relatable emotion. A chill jam comes in the form of 'Saved' which does add a bit of texture to the record, before the slow end of 'Walkdown' takes the album out as you'd expect.

Bonny Doon stay relaxed in Longwave, bringing some nice atmospheres but leaving a bit more to be desired in its slow drive. It's relaxing, but as a whole it might be boring to get through at times because there really is no energy. In the right times, however, it might just be the perfect album.

Favorite Track: I Am Here (I Am Alive)

Least Favorite Track: Take Me Away

Rating: 59 / 100

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