Vallens Deliver Atmosphere and Evil In "Dimmed In My Display"

It's rare to see an EP tell a powerful story, but Vallens does it with flying colors in their newest effort. Vallens deliver atmosphere and evil in Dimmed In My Display, combining post-rock with alternative and ghastly sounds to make something powerful.

Vallens takes no time to kick things off: 'Et Al' introduces the short record with an intro similar to a Tool song, before the mysterious and brooding sounds kick in. Title track 'Dimmed In My Display' follows off the same vibe, building a sense of growing unease and chaos as the guitars reverberate just slightly off-key. Things start building more intensely in 'Occurred,' the angry instrumental roaring to life to follow the creepy sounds of the songs before, with ghastly vocals atop the cavernous sounds to make sure that sense of unease doesn't go away. It concludes with 'If I Don't Know You,' which slows things down to a doom metal march, it's evil sound building upon all the songs that came before it to tie the EP together. The EP seems to fall down a hole of horror, beginning softly as if to lure you in before pushing you off the deep end with the chaos.

Vallens deliver atmosphere and evil in Dimmed In My Display, bringing together a sense of dread with atmosphere to make something that really captures your attention in all the right ways. It's like a short horror story, or a trip down a downward spiral into hell. It's a great little effort, and promises for something huge to follow.

Favorite Track: Occurred

Least Favorite Track: Dimmed In My Display

Rating: 75 / 100

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