S. Carey Tells A Story With "Hundred Acres"

Music is always best when it tells a story. S. Carey tells a story with Hundred Acres, his personal new album that digs into the past with a bittersweet view, approaching life with confidence and maturity.

Hundred Acres has an atmosphere about it that helps it feel intimate. The atmosphere of the opening track 'Rose Petals' embraces you as it peacefully flows along, beautiful choruses seeing warmth wash over you. It's followed by the dark lyrics of 'Hideout' that opens by chanting, "When the body dried out / I saw death within you / In my lover's hideout." The song is one of the sadder, darker moments on the record, seeing Carey remembering the falling out of a relationship, and how he wasted time not taking action sooner: "I've wasted all my time on witness."

The power in Hundred Acres lie in its flow. There's an ebb and flow to it, each song maintaining a similar core but having a shell that is definitively different each time. The bright, nostalgic wonder of 'Yellowstone' is similar to the slow and sweet title track 'Hundred Acres' at heart yet the tracks are definitively different, adding to the album's variety. Anecdotes are support by alternative vibes in songs like 'True North' with its somber choruses and the cautionary 'Fool's Gold.' The gorgeous build of 'Emery' sees emotions swell, before closing track 'Meadow Song' brings the album to a calm, collected end.

S. Carey tells a story with Hundred Acres, revealing a past of pain but also where he stands in the present: a man of experience. Life comes as it comes, and you can't stop the flow of time: Carey is cognizant of that. Hundred Acres is proof he's stood the test of time and become a stronger product of it.

Favorite Tracks: Rose Petals, True North, Hundred Acres

Least Favorite Track: Have You Stopped To Notice

Rating: 80 / 100

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