Teyana Taylor Oozes Love In "K.T.S.E."

The next Kanye West produced project is here, and it's definitely coming from a different perspective. Teyana Taylor oozes love in K.T.S.E., her sophomore record that is all about innocent sensuality.

This album is all about love, as Taylor makes clear with opening track 'No Manners.' The sweet track sees her gush over her husband, yet acknowledge that she won't let herself fall in line with the typical housewife: "My hubby-my hubby so handsome... I got a man, but ain’t got no manners." 'Gonna Love Me' follows through with more direct love, Taylor gushing with want and lust, before things chill down again for 'Issues/Hold On' with a sweet and chill beat as Taylor sings longingly instead of with lust. 'Hurry' features a verse from Kanye, and the sweet beat and melodies follow through with the perfectly "in love" sound (though the sex sounds that are randomly thrown in there are just a bit too much). Following track '3Way' is entirely too much, though, taking Taylor's loving attitude towards her husband to a fault. She sings about being okay having a threesome with her husband because she knows "it turn you on." Ty Dolla $ign delivers an inoffensive verse, but the way she croons "Cause two heads are better than one" just can't save this one.

The last three tracks actually look at Taylor herself rather than her own love, which dominates the majority of the album, and it's definitely refreshing. 'Rose In Harlem' looks at her rough upbringing and the people who've backstabbed her in her career. The darker, more aggressive track finally gives us a taste of her potential, rather than selling herself as a dedicated wife (which is all well and good, but as mentioned before, it's done to a fault on this record). 'Never Would Have Made It' is a sweeter track that combines the best of both sides, looking at at her life and how her love has brought her far. The album's ending track 'WTP' is perhaps the strangest way it could have gone out, no doubt thanks to Kanye. The beat is weirdly house, the repetition of "work this pussy" repeating throughout the song in a similar fashion to Nas' 'Cops Shot The Kid,' though just... awkwardly.

Teyana Taylor oozes love in K.T.S.E., showing her passion in her relationship but also forgetting to really give herself time to develop as an artist. It's all good to be passionately in love, but there's a point in K.T.S.E. where it just crosses a line you never want to get passed. 

Favorite Tracks: Rose In Harlem, Issues/Hold On

Least Favorite Tracks: WTP, 3Way

Rating: 69 / 100

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