Dream Wife Bring The Girl Power In Eponymous "Dream Wife"

Indie rock certainly doesn't lack the girl power, and is, honestly, one of the few genres that really gives women a place to shine without any predilections. That being said, the more the merrier. Dream Wife bring the girl power in the eponymous Dream Wife, their debut LP with a lot of fire and a lot of personality.

If there's one thing you can say about Dream Wife, it's that it certainly does not hold back. Opening track 'Let's Make Out' brings the record to a huge start, with epic, punk-influenced vocals roaring above a big rock n' roll drive. It certainly makes a mark to begin the album. Similarly rambunctious attitudes are the highlight of songs like 'Hey Heartbreaker,' where Dream Wife stand up against all expectations and norms. Single 'Somebody' brings a powerful message, the chorus reminding the selfish that "I am not my body, I am somebody" to battle objectification and make sure everyone knows there's more to them that may meet the eye. There's a punk attitude laced into this record that just screams: "we are women, and we are powerful."

Dream Wife definitely stands as more than just a feminist record. It's a fun and jamming album from start to finish, with lots of little quirks to add personality. The guitar work throughout the record is very alive, with a charming presence in songs 'Fire' and 'Love Without Reason,' while it takes on a more energetic atmosphere in the free 'Kids' and the big and loud 'Taste.' Everything that makes Dream Wife so great is packed into final track 'F.U.U.,' which is an acronym for the angry cry, "Fuck you up!" Aided by shoegaze outfit Fever Dream, the riffs are heavier than ever while sassy, chastising verses take power over all that has done them wrong. The verses are giant and loud as angry vocals turn to screams. The bridge is more gentle, still angry but with a winning chagrin to it. The song slowly builds back from this little section into one final anthemic, loud, and epic closure to bring the album out on a giant note.

Dream Wife are the band many have been waiting for. With lots of style, personality, and unmistakable confidence, they're here to start changing the dynamic of music. Dream Wife bring the girl power in their eponymous debut Dream Wife, and to call it massive just isn't doing it justice. It's the first step to something huge.

Favorite Tracks: F.U.U., Let's Make Out, Hey Heartbreaker

Least Favorite Track: Kids

Rating: 78 / 100

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