Interpol Stay Cool In "Marauder"

Interpol has always been a force to be reckoned with in alternative rock, but they're not trying to be flashy in their latest record. Interpol stay cool in Marauder, delivering some easy-going tracks that don't go out of their way to grab you in.

Interpol kick things off coolly, the rolling drive of 'If You Really Love Nothing' bringing the record to a chill start. There's nothing overbearing in this record, from meanings to sound. The drive of the first track goes right into the funkier, punchier 'The Rover.' There's more energy here, and though not a huge amount, it's enough to keep the record going. Interpol have a great way of balancing the energy on the record, keeping it between fun energy and a more chill drive.

What really captures Marauder is its ability to make a message come to life in such a seemingly simple way. While the music itself isn't necessarily flashy, its the music that really sets the tone for all the albums. The guitar melodies in 'Flight Of Fancy' capture the melodies in a dark, almost lo-fi way that really builds the atmosphere. The warm guitars of 'Number 10' bring in a sort of recollective vibe to it. Interpol manage to amplify their messages, although understated, through the instrumentals.

Interpol stay cool in Marauder, keeping things chill but building messages and supporting them through every part of every song. It's an easy album to listen to, but once you see whats really at play, you begin to really appreciate it.

Favorite Track: Flight Of Fancy

Least Favorite Track: Nysmaw

Rating: 70 / 100

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