Charlie Puth Takes Over The Current Pop Trend In "Voicenotes"

It's not exactly uncommon for heartthrob artists nowadays to say "we don't like being famous, here's songs about it." Before the trend becomes overdone, its prime time to jump on it. Luckily, Charlie Puth has made sure to make it his own. Charlie Puth takes over the current pop trend in Voicenotes, sounding strong and intimate while singing about a simpler life.

While Puth isn't necessarily singing about anything new, his sound certainly gives you something to latch onto. His 90's obsessed sound is very fresh and gives off a nostalgic vibe, perfect for a lot of what he sings about. A lot of what Puth sings about is a girl and relationships, songs like 'Somebody Told Me' discussing being cheated on and 'LA Girls' taking on more of a infatuated approach. A lot of subjects aren't really new, but the way they're presented make them at least sound unique. The collaboration with Boyz II Men, 'If You Leave Me Now,' really captures the whole 90s sound perfectly and feels right in line with the record.

Voicenotes isn't anything groundbreaking, but at least its something intrinsic of the artist. A lot of pop artists don't have a lot of voice in their music besides their actual voice - Puth's 90's infused sound really sounds like him, completely. Even some more risqué ideas like the difficulties of being a man in his position - 'BOY' - have the genuine atmosphere of his own voice. Opening song 'The Way I Am' even delves into a bit more rockier vibes with a guitar riff and nice melodies as it tackles the general idea that fame isn't all its cut out to be: the trendy subject. There's even a bit of drama created in the record when Kehlani adds some spice into the mix on 'Done For Me.' From the funky sounds of 'Attention' and 'How Long' to the melancholy but uplifting sound of closing track 'Through It All,' Charlie Puth really does a good job of making the music his.

Charlie Puth takes over the current pop trend in Voicenotes, not changing the game but delivering something that is intrinsically his and genuine. There's a lot of emotion and nostalgia packed into this music, and perhaps it will provide a point of reference for genuine pop music to come in the future.

Favorite Tracks: The Way I Am, How Long, Attention

Least Favorite Track: Empty Cups

Rating: 75 / 100

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