AFI Share Explosive New EP "The Missing Man"

AFI have been in the alternative rock and punk rock world for nearly three decades now, but they’re not slowing down any time soon. AFI share their explosive new EP The Missing Man as proof that their career is long from burning out.

The Missing Man has a lot of energy in it for a 15 minute EP. Opening track ‘Trash Bat‘ kicks the record off with lots of it, big guitars and driven drums bringing the record to a rolling start, Davey Havok putting on a fake smile for figurative cameras in the chorus: “Once more with a smile / Broken teeth and bloody eyes / In my mean light / My, my, my trash bat.“ There’s a bit of a message in The Missing Man, which sometimes shines through dramatically like in the anthemic track ‘Break Angels,’ or subtly through the atmosphere of giant songs like ‘Get Dark.’ Closing track, title song ‘The Missing Man,’ rolls through as an explosive finale, guitars, drums, and vocals alike all wailing and soaring powerfully to bring the album to a close. The only track that really doesn’t feel like it makes an impact is ‘Back Into The Sun,’ which overall just comes off as a bit underwhelming.

AFI share their explosive new EP The Missing Man, making a big statement: they’re not done just yet. With almost 30 years of music under their belt, its refreshing to see their passion and fire for creation hasn’t faded yet.

Favorite Track: The Missing Man

Least Favorite Track: Back Into The Sun

Rating: 74 / 100

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