BØRNS Celebrates Youth In "Blue Madonna"

Youth, to many, is a symbol of hope and longevity. Whether it means paving the way for new generations or searching for any way to stay looking young, youth is something everyone strives for. The truth is, though, that youth is not eternal. It is brief in the grand scheme of things, and much like a moment of bliss, it is gone sooner than later and is nothing more than a memory to strive for. BØRNS celebrates youth in Blue Madonna while he still has it, as the energetic record seems all too aware that these times won't be forever.

While largely outgoing and lackadaisical to a degree, Blue Madonna has an overarching tone of fleeting urgency to it. It's clear from opening track 'God Save Our Young Blood,' which is mostly joyful on the surface, but in BØRNS' and Lana Del Rey's somber deliveries, it's very much implied that they know of the unstoppable force of time. The synths are bouncy and joyous, but ring loudly and quickly as if to emphasize their brevity. The song resolves with a nice key change, picking up the energy and mood to enlist hope. 'We Don't Care' has a more punk attitude, really pushing a rebellious teenage agenda. It's wild and free, however, which helps keep the narrative going.

While the message is pretty clear, Blue Madonna feels like it's missing something. In the search of channeling youth, there's almost an ingenuine sense to it, as if BØRNS has already passed that point of no return. We're not saying he's old lost his touch; but rather, the music seems to be a product of the direction he wanted to take it in rather than a product of what he wanted to make. Every song is so caught up in sound young and vivacious that it just feels like there's something more to be done. The edgy and chill 'Second Night Of Summer,' for example, has everything it needs to be a summer jam, yet in the search of channelling any part of youth he could, the song loses some of its quality. There's a lot of good being done in Blue Madonna, but not enough to keep it interesting throughout.

Youth is a fleeting experience. We can't stay young forever, but who's to say that we can't stop trying? BØRNS celebrates youth in Blue Madonna, perhaps getting lost in his search for it but certainly making it apparent that we should be out there creating moments that make us feel young than searching for the memories of the past in the future.

Favorite Track: God Save Our Young Blood

Least Favorite Track: Blue Madonna

Rating: 70 / 100

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