You Me At Six Return With A Fresh Sound In "VI"

While You Me At Six‘s last effort Night People (released at the start of last year) was an extension of their lively alternative sound, it was clear they were on the road for something new. That’s what they achieve in their latest record. You Me At Six return with a fresh sound in VI, their new album that sees the band sounding revitalized and ready to take on the world.

From the very start of VI, it’s clear to see that You Me At Six are here to make a statement. The punchy intro ‘Fast Forward‘ sets a precedent for the rest of the record, it’s huge and unstoppable drive getting the record off to a massive, energetic start. Anthemic tracks like ‘Straight To My Head‘ and ‘Miracle In The Mourning‘ keep that energy going throughout the record, You Me At Six delivering the massive tracks their known for. The band channel their typical “live life daringly” in ‘Danger‘ as the groovy drive of the track keeps things light and fun. The band’s roots aren’t entirely lost even with how a different record VI is for them, evidenced by these anthemic tracks.

It’s where You Me At Six take on different vibes where things get interesting. There’s a very “I’m on top of the world” vibe channeled on this record, different from their typical “let’s take over” vibe. Tracks like ‘Back Again‘ really set that tone, it’s funky and flashy atmosphere coming with one message: we’re back, and we’re here to stay. ‘I O U‘ is another track with a lot of swagger to it, made primarily by its awesome bassline. The record continues to get more intimate and personal as it goes, from the darker ‘Predictable‘ to the sweet closing track ‘Losing You,’ made ever more passionate by the poppy production and vocal harmonies.

You Me At Six return with a fresh sound in VI, expanding their sound and adopting new elements to their production that makes for a very different album. It’s still intrinsically a You Me At Six record, but these subtle changes in attitude in production push them into a more modern and cool new era, and it’ll be cool to see where they go from here.

Favorite Tracks: Back Again, I O U

Least Favorite Track: 3AM

Rating: 75 / 100

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