Alice In Chains Finds Answers In "Rainier Fog"

Grunge artists always looked for the truth through their angry deliveries. Alice In Chains was always such a band, seeking out the keys to what eases their emotions. Alice In Chains finds answers in Rainier Fog, their new record that digs truthfully into their past to come to terms with the present.

The tone of the music sets the stage for Alice In Chains' messages to really come out. The album comes in two halves: an angry one, and a softer, more questioning one. The start of the record is where the anger really unfolds, present from the very start in the oppressive opening riffs of 'The One You Know.' The heavy verses are followed by haunting choruses with ghastly, tortured melodies. Title track 'Rainier Fog' follows through with just as much energy and a cooler, more reserved drive before 'Red Giant' returns with the thick, powerful riffs. Alice In Chains doesn't let up for a moment, right up to the electrifying energy of 'Drone.'

It's in the second half where Alice In Chains moves beyond anger and begins looking introspectively for answers. 'Deaf Ears Blind Eyes' is more of a hopeless wander, Jerry Cantrell admitting how lost he is in the final chorus despite everything he has: "I own everything / Cries a soul on fire." Melodies become more of a focus on this half of the record, Cantrell singing more as he searches for comfort to confront the demons of his past. 'Maybe' is a more alternative number, its melodies soft and questioning to mirror Cantrell's lyrics. 'Never Fade' really confronts things head on, Cantrell calling out in with beautiful melodies: "Never fade, I know you think you're someone I forgot / Never fade, I'm everything you really think I'm not."

Alice In Chains finds answers in Rainier Fog, searching their emotions for any trace of comfort they can find. There's a progression to this record, one that really speaks loud. When the band moves past their and begins searching their memories to really confront their past, growth is achieved. Rainier Fog is an album about moving forward, not being caught in the past.

Favorite Track: Never Fade

Least Favorite Track: Fly

Rating: 73 / 100

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