Lily Allen's "No Shame" Gets Very Personal

Lily Allen has faced a lot of problems in her life, many of which are the subject of her previous record. She's since moved on to newer and better things, but not without new struggles, as well. Lily Allen's No Shame gets very personal, taking a look at the new problems she faces with her newfound success.

No Shame builds heavily upon a sense of everything going wrong, but choosing to ignore it and try to move ahead. The loud drive of 'Come On Then' introduces the record, her dreamy vocals bringing the record to and enchanting start. Giggs delivers an edgy opening verse to the following track 'Trigger Bang,' which continues on with the dreamy vibe but adopts the sentiment that perhaps all these things that seem to haunt Allen was just a dream. 'Your Choice' with Burna Boy takes this a step further, as her words seem to dance around the idea that she is displaced from the world around her.

Apart from feeling out of place in society, Allen also looks at the others in her life that are affected by her lifestyle. 'Three' comes from the perspective of her daughter, the innocent song moving along carefree and full of jargon her three-year-old daughter would use. 'Apples' takes things to a very intimate, if not dark place as Allen sings about her divorce, the second verse solemnly recalling: "I felt like I was only good for writing the cheques / I like a drink but that does not make me a wreck." Allen gets back into toxic relationships - this time with a friend - in 'Waste' with Lady Chann, and though pretty dark, the reggae beat does add some fun to it as Allen acknowledges that she's taken herself back.

Lily Allen's No Shame gets very personal, but on top of all the uncertainty and pain in her life that she sings about, she still finds the time to recall the good things she has in life. No Shame is a testament to perseverance; even on the darkest days, there's a reason to smile.

Favorite Track: Waste

Least Favorite Track: Your Choice

Rating: 70 / 100

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