TesseracT Make Their Sound Even Bigger In "Sonder"

As far as progressive metal bands go, TesseracT are up there with the legends. Over the years, their complex and melodic sound have amassed quite a following, and every album continues to amaze the listener. The same is true for their new album, but they're upping the intensity. TesseracT make their sound even bigger in Sonder, their new record that is as explosive as it is complex.

To really connect with the intensity of Sonder, you have to understand the core idea of TesseracT's sound, which is nicely established in opening track 'Luminary.' Big djent riffs contrast a gentle electronic background, clean guitars adding texture to the soundscapes while the vocals ring peacefully in the verses, and epically and clear in the choruses as the riffs come back in. TesseracT takes this grandiosity a step further in Sonder. Following track 'King' is a nearly-seven minute beast, growing bigger with every passing minute. A massive breakdown adds ferocity to the song, the guitars giant and the drums massive. The already vicious opening that gives way to the beautiful soft part that juxtaposes the immensity of the breakdown even further.

TesseracT definitely went for something immense, and it paid off with flying colors. The giant sound of the record isn't all in the heaviness, however. Vocals play a huge roll in giving it its big atmosphere. They roar loudly in 'Juno,' the fantastic melodies carrying the song all the way through. Beyond vocals, the gorgeous atmosphere of 'Orbital' captures a spatial, enchanting atmosphere that provides for a few moments of peace before the intensity kicks back in. The constantly changing parts of 'Beneath My Skin / Mirror Image' add to the the albums textures even further, showing the band's musicianship (with an immense ending that'll really hammer you). The evil sounds of 'Smile' bring out a horrifying vibe, even further diversifying the album's sound. TesseracT set out to show what they're capable of, and Sonder definitely shows it all.

TesseracT make their sound even bigger in Sonder, bringing massive songs that build off of their complex style. It's a powerful record that truly hits you hard and keeps you enthralled in the sound with its countless textures and beautiful soundscapes, really showing off everything TesseracT has to offer. It's big, powerful, and beautiful: everything a progressive metal album should be.

Favorite Tracks: King, Beneath My Skin / Mirror Image, Juno, Orbital

Least Favorite Track: The Arrow

Rating: 90 / 100

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