Jouska Is Filled With Strife In "From Elson To Emmett"

There's a lot of ways one can feel after a relationship ends. That goes for relationships of all forms: a love, a friendship, you name it. Jouska is filled with strife in From Elson To Emmett, an angry yet tortured EP that comes out of the aftermath of a relationship.

From Elson To Emmett is innocent in character, almost lost in its own confusion. Closing track 'Swill' certainly feels that way. It's a slow, lost track that starts of soft and slowly becomes fuller as the song progresses. It has a wavering sound to it that gives its sense of uncertainty, even as it comes to its close. 'Tummy / Legs' is similar, growing increasingly dejected as it goes.

There isn't much progression in From Elson To Emmett, though it seems to add to the EP's overall theme. Opening track 'Calico' is drunkenly angry, perhaps setting up the scene for the entire album. From that drunken rage, the album takes from there and stays fittingly uncertain. From Elson To Emmett is an EP that captures a moment in time, following an immediate aftermath of a failed relationship, and sees the band try to pick those pieces back up again.

Jouska is filled with strife in From Elson To Emmett, taking a moment following a bad situation and capturing those initial emotions. It's uncertain of where it will go and doesn't provide any concrete answers, but it can help you feel like someone else understands you if you've ever been in that situation.

Favorite Track: Calico

Least Favorite Track: Jursey

Rating: 71 / 100

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