Black Veil Brides Get Caught In A Loop In "Vale"

Post-hardcore has been dominated by Black Veil Brides for as long as the genre has been around, really. Infamously known for their demographic, the band has moved away from their more emo tendencies and grown more alternative. That being said, it's not the cleanest nor most inspired shift. Black Veil Brides get caught in a loop in Vale, saturating the record with the same melodies again and again.

There are some moments on Vale that do bring optimism, though. Before their anthemic formula is beaten to death, 'The Last One' provides some nice energy to the start of the album. The intro is nice and though the chorus feels a bit too overdramatic, it's a solid song to bring the record in. The really tried something on the eight minute-long 'Dead Man Walking (Overture III),' which is very admirable, but given that they run through like two choruses in the first two minutes, it loses its charm fast. The orchestral reprise of 'The Last One' is a nice moment, though. Closing track 'Vale' breaks from the formula and actually takes the record out nicely, on an upbeat ending.

Other than that, there's little to praise. The same melodies are reused in each song, leaving most songs sounding the same. Vale sounds like 11 slightly different versions of the same song, with a few interludes in between. For the average listener, there's little to gain from this record. Intro sequence 'Incipiens Ad Finem' feels highly unnecessary and builds drama that it quickly gets rid of, making things awkward sonically. By the end of the album, you're counting down the seconds of each song and hoping that the next one is at least somewhat different, and far too often you're left disappointed.

Evolution in music is essential for survival as an artist. Black Veil Brides already have a pretty loyal following, yet on their path of change they have trouble establishing a more worldly sound. Black Veil Brides get caught in a loop in Vale, failing to make a big impact and coming off as largely inconsequential. 

Favorite Track: Vale

Least Favorite Track: The King Of Pain

Rating: 50 / 100

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