Conner Youngblood Shares A Snapshot Of Bliss In "Cheyenne"

Wyoming has been a pretty popular state in the music world lately, but Conner Youngblood's latest record explores a different side to it. Conner Youngblood shares a snapshot of bliss in Cheyenne, crafting peaceful atmospheres to tell wonderful stories and bring a load of emotions with it.

The simplest term to describe Cheyenne is relaxing. It's clearly inspired from the great wide open, drawing upon natural surroundings to form honest, intimate music. You really get the sense of nature in tracks like 'Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge,' which clearly are taken right out of a hiking expedition. Others capture adventure in a different way, such as the curious, forward-looking drive of 'Sulphur Springs' and its gorgeous melodies, while tracks like 'Los Angeles' don't quite take from nature but instead live off of the great inspirational mood of the city. Youngblood captured all of his surroundings for this one.

The stories Youngblood tells in Cheyenne are what make this record so memorable. The calming title track 'Cheyenne' begins the record with that tightly-knit atmosphere that rolls throughout the entire album. 'Lemonade' draws upon a dreamy vibe, Youngblood putting his most painful moments forward: "I'm as unstable as they come." Other tracks build more upon real dreams, like the hauntingly beautiful 'The Birds Of Finland' and ephemeral 'Stockholm' being two such tracks. The songs the bring the most power are the ones where Youngblood really combines all these elements into one, such as the simply beautiful '12 lbs' and the fragile, wishful 'My Brother's Brother.' 

Conner Youngblood shares a snapshot of bliss in Cheyenne, finding comfort amongst nature to allow for incredibly personal, intimate stories to take life. It's a beautiful piece of work, and if you take nothing more out of it, at the very least you'll have a relaxing feeling to calm even your most enraged nerves.

Favorite Tracks: 12 lbs, My Brother's Brother

Least Favorite Track: Pizza Body

Rating: 77 / 100

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