Foxing Keeps The Energy High In Dynamic "Nearer My God"

High energy is a big selling point for many artists, and to create something compelling out of it is another item of importance. Foxing keeps the energy high in their dynamic new album Nearer My God, a diverse yet powerful record that keeps things alive from start to finish.

There's a lot of different colors throughout Nearer My God that contributes to its diversity. Brooding intro track 'Grand Paradise' brings it in slowly before exploding with energy. Things immediately die down a bit with 'Slapstick' with its chiller atmosphere, before picking straight back up with 'Lich Prince,' complete with an electrifying guitar solo. The energy moves in different forms throughout Nearer My God, constantly changing form and shape with every step. There isn't a dull moment to be found.

The way the energy changes form is pretty remarkable. Every song has its own unique power to it that separates it from other tracks, like the chaotic nature of 'Gameshark' completely becoming its own beast. The nine-minute build of 'Five Cups' is often haunting, but sometimes you do end up questioning its length. That haunting nature feeds into 'Heartbeats' which becomes more tortured and pained than before. There's a natural progression to each track yet they're all so different. The album starts so naturally energetic and translates into so many different types, that when you get towards the end with tracks like the disorienting 'Won't Drown,' it doesn't feel alien.

Foxing keeps the energy high in their dynamic Nearer My God, a great album that knows how to transition from one idea to another with a constant flow of power. There's no dull moment on the record, and though there are times where perhaps you wanted a little more of something, it translates so nicely from one song to another. 

Favorite Track: Lich Prince

Least Favorite Track: Bastardizer

Rating: 76 / 100

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