Migos' "Culture II" Will Put You To Sleep

If there's any been any indicator that trap-rap has become stagnant, Migos is it. Once the top dogs of the genre, Culture set them on a course for success that spawned some of the genre's admittedly best songs (plus, can't forget the memes). It's been a year and the genre has been beaten senselessly to death, and it seems that Migos has successfully dug its grave once and for all. Migos' Culture II will put you to sleep as you listen to the same, dead song for two hours.

There's not a lot of praise you can give Migos this time around, especially considering Culture II embodies everything that has made trap stagnant. There are some brief moments where things seem to pick up, though. Post Malone sounds brilliant above the lowkey beat of 'Notice Me,' and Quavo does a good job on following up with the hook. 'Beast' has a lot of good drive that at least makes it partially interesting, and the beat for 'BBO (Bad Bitches Only),' produced by none other than Kanye West, really kills it. Takeoff does show some of his best on the record, and Offset just kind of... does his own thing.

That's about as much credit as you can give to Culture II. There is absolutely no reason for this record to be two hours long, especially when it's 95% filler and 5% a somewhat catchy hook. 'Higher We Go' brings the album to a start with an average beat and a dead hook, while 'Supastars' follows up and sounds like it never ends. A major problem with Culture II is that Migos found it necessary to make sure each of the three got a verse in every song, meaning most songs clock in well above four minutes and when the beats don't change, things tend to drone on and one. The Cardi B and Nicki Minaj track 'MotorSport' is dragged down by the features, but Migos does that all on their own for a lot of the tracks. 'Gang Gang' sounds like its going to be a pop track about love before the hook comes in and utterly destroys the song, while it's still ahrd to process how 'Emoji A Chain' is actually a song they thought would pass. 'Walk It Talk It' tries so desperately to be a Drake song, and whoever thought the hook for 'Flooded' could ever work needs to be fired. If an album in a genre that's meant to hype you up puts you to sleep halfway through, then something is fundamentally wrong.

Migos' Culture II will put you to sleep with its dead, incessant beats and unbelievable length. There is nothing to get hyped up about throughout the entire record, and most, if not all of the songs are just filler. It's another blow to the trap is dead argument, and as the bigger names begin to fall, perhaps some new names will arise from the ashes to revive a dying genre. Migos has a lot of work to do if they're going to come back from this one. Quality over quantity.

Favorite Track: Notice Me

Least Favorite Tracks: Flooded, Emoji A Chain, Walk It Talk It, MotorSport

Rating: 45 / 100

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