Glades Get Intimate In "To Love You"

It’s not easy being in love, and music loves to reflect that. Glades get intimate in To Love You, their personal new record that really dives into the nature of love and being in love.

To Love You is focussed on this very youthful sense of love, with alternative pop and pop rock vibes to really sell that vibe. Opening track ‘Nervous Energy‘ introduces the album perfectly, its sweet alternative pop sound pairing flawlessly with the great melodies and overall chill atmosphere. ‘Do Right‘ follows with more of a kick to it, fun energy being brought out as Glades recounts the adventures of being of love. Punchiness defines ‘Not About You,’ Glades continuing to have fun with love before diving into more serious messages.

The great part about To Love You is that Glades it doesn’t just tell one chapter. Sure, it recalls the fun and amazing times of being in love, but it also gets intimate about the hard times, too. ‘Neon Buzz‘ strips things down with super chill guitar riffs as Glades takes a more intimate approach. ‘Sweetheart‘ sees Glades find confidence in themselves in a failing relationship, keeping their spirits up with energy even in an unfavorable situation. They even attempt to keep their fans hopes up with the sweet and uplifting ‘Better Love,’ before ‘Through To You‘ ends the record on a stripped down note. Glades keep the record dynamic such that it’s a flowing experience.

Glades get intimate in To Love You, their new album that’s all about the journey of love. There are many songs that channel happiness and fun, while others are much more sobering. Glades don’t have a one track mind on this album, grabbing from all aspects of love to make a relatable and memorable record.

Favorite Tracks: Better Love, Through To You, Nervous Energy

Least Favorite Track: Not About You

Rating: 78 / 100

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