Maribou State Go Down A Chill Route In "Kingdoms In Colour"

An album you can sit back with and relax to is an album done right, and Maribou State know how to deliver. Maribou State go down a chill route in Kingdoms In Colour, offering sweet indie vibes to provide for a relaxed record.

Kingdoms In Colour rarely strays from its chill groove, if at all. The album begins and ends with the same indie relaxation, ‘Beginner’s Luck‘ starting off cooly while ‘Kāma‘ brings the record to a calming close. There’s pretty much only similar vibes in between, but Maribou State don’t ever really get stale. ‘Kingdom‘ keeps things very chill early on in the record, ‘Slow Heat‘ with Holly Walker later on the record, meanwhile, keeping things sweet and relaxed. Despite being pretty similar in sound, the music itself is quite inoffensive.

Though the sound of Kingdoms In Colour can’t go wrong, it does have its downfalls. For one, not many tracks really stand out from each other. Some songs have their niches; ‘Turnmills‘ comes with a popping bassline, and ‘Part Time Glory‘ has this sweet indie build. Other than that, not many tracks differ from each other too much. It’s a pretty homogenous record through and through - it fits the aesthetic well, but it doesn’t lend itself much to repeated listens as a whole record.

Maribou State go down a chill route in Kingdoms In Colour, keeping things relaxed and cool and really holding onto that vibe throughout. The record doesn’t have much unique sounds going on within it, and it’s pretty homogenous throughout, but it’s a great record to kick back to with a drink and relax with.

Favorite Track: Part Time Glory

Least Favorite Track: Vale

Rating: 70 / 100

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