Amber Arcades Stay Calm In "European Heartbreak"

It’s not always easy to keep your cool in certain situations. In dire moments, staying calm is often key, though. Amber Arcades battle this in their newest record. Amber Arcades stay calm in European Heartbreak, where they deal with a rough situation in as accepting a way as possible.

European Heartbreak is a calming record, aimed at controlling feelings that they’d rather not face head on. It’s noticeable within the sound of the record, with is largely chill and relaxed. Opening track ‘Simple Song‘ is as the title implies, a simple track that introduces that soft vibe that defines the record in an easy way. Other tracks like ‘Oh My Love (What Have We Done)‘ and the folky ‘Self-Portrait In A Car At Night‘ keep that calm going, but embody the sadder themes the record are built off of, but in acknowledging them they still try to move forward.

Amber Arcades don’t deliver an album about ignoring sadness. European Heartbreak is about moving forward while acknowledging that what has happened has happened. That’s best described by closing track ‘Baby, Eternity.’ This track is as thematically calming and relaxed as any of the other tracks, but has this warmth to it that is ready to embrace what’s next. It’s a nail in the coffin for all the problems Amber Arcades faces on the record. There’s more tracks that embrace the future, as well, such as upbeat ‘I’ve Done The Best‘ and the soothing ‘Alpine Town,’ with some great ending guitar work. European Heartbreak sees both sides of the spectrum: both the good and the ugly.

Amber Arcades stay calm in European Heartbreak, slowly learning to accept that you can’t change the past before ultimately embracing the future. European Heartbreak is about the lesson we all learn eventually: how to move on, and they do so subtly yet in an effective way.

Favorite Track: Self-Portrait In A Car At Night

Least Favorite Track: Hardly Knew

Rating: 72 / 100

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