Hookworms Forgets To Bite In "Microshift"

It can be easy to get lost in a psychedelic frenzy whilst listening to Hookworms' latest effort, but by the time you reach its end you feel a bit let down. Hookworms forgets to bite in Microshift, their new record that's builds and builds without any climax.

If it's got anything, Microshift has atmosphere. It begins with the energetic, upbeat 'Static Resistance' and its faraway, reverberating, and electrifying guitars. Lots of space builds in those chords, helping the vibe of the song grow tenfold. The synths of 'The Soft Season' help make up a bubbly, weird, and almost glorious atmosphere to it, that really works to capture you in its oddity. There's a lot of general strangeness about this record, but it helps the charm of it. It gives it an underdog sort of vibe.

Unfortunately, an "underdog" is about as much as you can chalk it up to. Much of Microshift sees Hookworms build up to nothing, every song a drawn out piece that expands an atmosphere before ultimately crushing it and moving on. There's a sense of incompleteness to it, and perhaps its part of the aesthetic of it. On the surface, though, it just feels a bit jagged, from the abrupt end to 'Boxing Day' that comes just when you think the song will finally go somewhere to the long, drawn out 'Opener' that just has no business being nearly nine minutes long. There's a lot more dividing this album than there is unifying it.

Hooksworms forgets to bite in Microshift, building up with barks before letting it all crumble down as it approaches the climax. There's a lot of good stuff on the record, but none of it all comes together at the right time nor the right place. There needs to be more cohesion, otherwise it just feels like a failed post-rock experiment.

Favorite Track: The Soft Season

Least Favorite Track: Boxing Day

Rating: 65 / 100

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