Gucci Mane Doesn't Deliver In "Evil Genius"

It feels like Gucci Mane is always this omniscient presence in hip-hop, always popping up in features and every so often delivering his own content. He’s back with more, but it’s not exactly time to rejoice. Gucci Mane doesn’t deliver in Evil Genius, his thirteenth record that feels like it’s lacking in a lot of areas.

Evil Genius isn’t a trainwreck - it definitely starts out with promise. The first couple of songs on the record have some energy to them, including first track ‘Off The Boat.’ This track rolls in with some fun vibes, nothing too major but nothing too serious to set a nice tone for the rest of the record. ‘By Myself‘ continues, keeping the energy up with a big beat that demands your attention. Things start falling off in ‘BiPolar‘ as Gucci Mane and Quavo start flaunting their success and weakening the overall quality of the track. However, there are a couple moments on the record that are otherwise pretty good: tracks like ‘Solitaire‘ with Migos and Lil Yachty sounds fresh with its cool beat, while ‘Wake Up In The Sky‘ with Bruno Mars and Kodak Black is an inoffensive pop-rap track.

A majority of Evil Genius is unfortunately not up to par, however. Many tracks are simply just dull or boring, without much punch to them at all. Early on, songs like ‘Just Like It‘ featuring 21 Savage and ‘Cold Shoulder‘ with YoungBoy Never Broke Again are both just weak and dull with little to take away from them. Boring tracks like ‘Lost Y’all Mind‘ and ‘Hard Feelings‘ continue the trend of weak tracks in the middle of the record, Gucci Mane failing to deliver something impactful as the record continues for nearly an hour. There are a few tracks that even make you wonder who put this record together: namely the outrageous ‘Father’s Day‘ and closing track ‘Kept Back‘ with Lil Pump.

Gucci Mane doesn’t deliver in Evil Genius, failing to deliver consistently enjoyable material and instead delivering nearly an hour of forgettable tracks. There are definitely some songs that are less problematic than others, but with 18 total songs, you end up losing a lot of cohesion and flow, especially when the only function of some songs is to worsen the rest of the record.

Favorite Track: Off The Boat

Least Favorite Tracks: Lost Y’all Mind, I’m Not Goin’

Rating: 47 / 100

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