Dana Buoy's "Ice Glitter Gold" Is Very Vibrant

Art rock is a genre of expression, and it's not always for everyone. It's an acquired taste and often times requires a pretty open ear, but Dana Buoy manages to keeps things accessible all the while making their first big piece. Dana Buoy's Ice Glitter Gold is very vibrant, full of color and abstract imagery that is amplified by its melodies.

Ice Glitter Gold is a very crystalline album; though at its core it really has some toughness. There's a clear alternative tinge in songs such as 'Whatever,' its intro setting up some nice mystery and depth to the lyrics that sing about a wanted love. The sweet harmonies of title track 'Ice Glitter Gold' also so well to really keep the album's pretty aesthetic afloat with its chill vibes. The flowery and pretty atmosphere of 'Let Go Awhile' achieves this, as well.

As a whole, Ice Glitter Gold sounds like there's a lot of untapped potential. The mood is perfect, Dana Buoy perfectly being able to capture a specific mood in each song. The songs aren't very expansive, almost minimal if not for some of the more dynamic production moments. Dana Buoy can't decide what they want to be at times, however: there's almost a conflict between the very forward alternative drives throughout the album and the prettier artsy sound. It's not to say both don't have a place on the album, but few tracks really bring them both together: opening track 'Twisted Sky' with its anthemic vibe and cool verses and 'Bloom,' where things turn almost psychedelic.

Dana Buoy's Ice Glitter Gold is very vibrant, full of spirit yet still uncertain of itself. It shows unquestionable potential, but doesn't expand upon it enough to make it really pop as it could. Dana Buoy have definitely earned the right to catch your ear, though, so perhaps the best is yet to come.

Favorite Track: Twisted Sky

Least Favorite Track: Too Early

Rating: 70 / 100

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