Usher & Zaytoven Deliver Strong Collaboration Album "A"

It’s been a minute since Usher has been in the limelight, but he’s back with a vengeance. Usher & Zaytoven deliver a strong collaboration album, A, putting Usher back onto the modern stage.

A is relatively short, but it gets the job done in the time it has. Opening track ‘Stay At Home‘ sees Usher with a great flow, Future coming in for an extra bit of oomph later on. The vibe switches up on the following track ‘ATA‘ as Zaytoven goes for something a bit more chill, Usher following suit nicely. The chill drive of the track really does a lot for it, adding this nice color to the record. ‘Peace Sign‘ also switches things up, sweetening things up before the meat of the record comes in. Unfortunately, much of the middle feels a bit repetitive, especially ‘She Ain’t Tell Ya,’ but fortunately the duo makes up for it by the end with the solid closing track ‘Gift Shop,’ with Gunna.

Even though Usher hasn’t been in his prime over the last few years, this may just bring him back into things. Usher & Zaytoven deliver a strong collaboration album A, showing that Usher is completely capable of taking things on in the modern stage while still keeping true to his roots.

Favorite Track: ATA

Least Favorite Track: She Ain’t Tell Ya

Rating: 75 / 100

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