Simon Love Exudes Joy In The Whimsical "Sincerely, S. Love X"

Nowadays, music sometimes feels like it's all about the sad side of things. Simon Love breaks that trend with his new record. Simon Love exudes joy in the whimsical Sincerely, S. Love X with his unique positivity and indie production.

There's something almost childlike to the delivery of Sincerely, S. Love X that really makes it sound innocent - but not without his own snarky voice. 'God Bless The Dick Who Let You Go' tells a nice story with cute build, and even though its lyrics are a bit arrogant, it's done in just the right way to still make it endearing. This isn't quite as true in other songs, though: 'Golden Boy,' for example, feels like a failed attempt at being a Father John Misty degree of edgy but ends up being more concerning than anything. 'I Fucking Love You' gets the message across too, but in a way that makes it seem less genuine and more funny.

The sound of the record is what really ties is all together. There's this familiar sound that sounds like The Beatles but without a certain pop accessibility. 'Joey Ramone,' for example, really goes for that 70s pop rock sound and really owns it, even leading to a big end. The whimsical sound of 'Stephen Timothy West' is accentuated by the premise of a note sent to him by a child. Things get even a bit rocky with 'The Ballad Of Simon Love,' and if it weren't for his somewhat annoying arrogance that does drag the record down a bit, it would've been a star track. His ego doesn't get in the way of closing track 'Not If I See You First,' though, with the song ending out the record in a fitting, chill way.

Simon Love exudes joy in the whimsical Sincerely, S. Love X by channeling his inner 70s pop rock, but that doesn't excuse the ego that gets in the way of many songs. Though arrogant at times and perhaps trying to hard at others, the record has an unshakable positivity to it that can't help but to make you smile, whether it's laughter or genuine joy.

Favorite Track: God Bless The Dick Who Let You Go

Least Favorite Tracks: Golden Boy, Stephen Timothy West

Rating: 62 / 100

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