Jon Hopkins Channels Memories In Alluring "Singularity"

Instrumental music requires a certain level of precision to be executed perfectly, and no one has mastered the art quite like producer Jon Hopkins. With crystalline beats and warm soundscapes, Jon Hopkins channels memories in the alluring Singularity, his new record that'll truly take you places.

There's magic in almost anything Jon Hopkins touches, from minimal IDM to ColdplaySingularity begins calmly with the enveloping chords of title track 'Singularity.' While its beginnings are modest, it slowly grows, layer by layer, gradually stacking more and more complexity on top of the foundations laid before. This is a common motif throughout the album, many songs building from minimal roots into something big and complex. 'Luminous Beings' is one such track, feeling alive in its twelve minute build. It begins alone, but soon grows brighter as if all its friends of light come flocking in. 

The familiar warmth of Singularity gives it its emotional affect. There is something very knowing and reflective about the cavernous 'Emerald Rush,' as if it's the sound of being near the end of life and looking back at all your experiences. Closing track 'Recovery' has the same idea, though it finds its emotional context in the gorgeous piano and background ambience. 'Echo Dissolve' is another track led by piano and held together by ambience, its heartbreaking tone made only more painful by the sound of waves crashing in the back. The water 'C O S M' builds blissfully rather than bittersweetly, its oceanic vibe accentuating the idea of freedom. 'Feel First Life' has a similar vibe with an undying feeling of hope and optimism, as if it exists just to lift your spirit up. There's a lot of emotion and dynamic behind every song, and each chord seems to speak to the soul.

Jon Hopkins channels memories in his alluring Singularity, diving deep into many basic human feelings and expanding them with complex layering and gorgeous production. In its minimalism it finds the perfect emotions and channels them in just the right ways. It takes you on a journey of your own past and even tries to show you the bright future ahead.

Favorite Tracks: Recovery, Echo Dissolve, Feel First Life

Least Favorite Track: Everything Connected

Rating: 80 / 100

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