Paul McCartney Gets Reflective But Grooves In "Egypt Station"

You'd think that after fronting arguably the most famous band in music history, fronting his own critically acclaimed band after that one, and delivering a wildly experimental and expansive solo career, Paul McCartney could afford to stop creating. But it's what drives him. His creative drive never ends, and that's clear to see in his newest record. Paul McCartney gets reflective but grooves in Egypt Station, a fresh trip to the past that shows his experience.

McCartney delivers a lot of what you'd expect from him on this record, and that's not a bad thing. He has this unique sense of drive to him that seems so simple but is intrinsically his, evident in the funky yet punchy 'Come On To Me.' 'Who Cares' looks back at some of the Beatles/Wings era energy, while the big, call-to-arms message and drive of 'People Want Peace' definitely comes straight out of that ballpark. The warm alternative vibes of 'Dominoes' helps bring a modern touch to Egypt Station, but McCartney definitely stays close to the nostalgia here.

It may seem on the surface that Paul McCartney may be a broken record, but Egypt Station shows that he's far from it. The pretty, ambient intro 'Opening Station' tells you from the start that this album isn't just a recycled Beatles record. McCartney experiments thoroughly, from the interesting dance grooves of 'Back In Brazil' to the interestingly dark 'Despite Repeated Warnings.' He even draws from the past in tasteful ways, the sweet-but-sad reflections of 'Confidante' and the longing, aged 'Hand In Hand' being prime examples. The only swing-and-miss is 'Fuh You,' where he sounds like he's painfully trying to appeal to a younger crowd, and it just doesn't work out. Other than that, Egypt Station shows that McCartney is as fresh as ever, even closing the album out on a chill note with 'Hunt You Down / Naked / C-Link.'

Paul McCartney gets reflective but grooves in Egypt Station, his newest record that shows he's far from quitting. It's not a farewell record and it's not a far cry from what fans are used to - it's moving forward in the right direction, and that's something McCartney has always known how to do.

Favorite Track: Hand In Hand

Least Favorite Track: Fuh You

Rating: 74 / 100

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