Unknown Mortal Orchestra Keep It Chill In "Sex & Food"

A lot of psychedelic music tends to get lost in sounding obscure, perhaps right for certain moments but not for the average listener at all times. Unknown Mortal Orchestra know how to keep these things in check, though. They don't search for obscurity, but rather, Unknown Mortal Orchestra keep it chill in Sex & Food to make for a more interesting perspective.

The first half of Sex & Food is noticeably slow, which you wouldn't typically expect from an album of this type. Kicking off with the glitchy 'A God Called Hubris,' a bit of energy is delivered to pique you're interest in 'Major League Chemicals' with its distorted vocals and almost chaotic synths. A more mysterious and minimal vibe ensues in 'Ministry Of Alienation' right after, certainly fitting the title well. It's followed by the more intimate and personal 'Hunnybee,' its tranquil sound really making for a nice and thoughtful listen.

While Sex & Food is refreshingly different from the typical psychedelic sound, you still can't help but feel like something is missing. The band picks things back up for the second half of the album, starting with the energetic 'America Guilt' with its off-kilter delivery and big riff, but it now loses that more atmospheric sound that Unknown Moral Orchestra so nicely started building upon for a few songs. It feels like every step forward misses a step along the way, and while there's not bad song on the album, there's not many that stick out for the better. Closing track 'If You're Going To Break Yourself' really does this the best, pairing a dejected beat with some haunting and all-too-knowing lines that sadly repeat "You're gonna break me."

Unknown Mortal Orchestra keep it chill in Sex & Food, shifting from the normal psychedelic dynamic and opting for something much more intimate or daring. Unfortunately, neither of those two either come together in the right ways preventing the album from going above and beyond, but its a good listen nonetheless.

Favorite Track: If You're Going To Break Yourself

Least Favorite Track: Not In Love We're Just High

Rating: 70 / 100

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