Jessica Risker Harrowingly Croons In "I See You Among The Stars"

It's hard to escape the past, especially when it feels like the memories of it haunt you. Jessica Risker harrowingly croons. in I See You Among The Stars as she tries to escape the clutches of the past.

The ghastly nature of I See You Among The Stars aids its echoing atmosphere. The tone is set by the eponymous opening track 'I See You Among The Stars,' where the longing affect of Risker's voice really shines. The song is innocent and very intimate, sounding as if Risker is personally revealing something highly personal to only you. The subtle harmonies give it a Sufjan Stevens curiosity, the whole piece's innocent but all-too-well knowing ire making it almost ominous in its disposition. 'Anyway When I Look Into Your Eyes' builds off the same brooding nature, building ominously to go perfectly in line with Risker's pained voice.

While I See You Among The Stars can feel ironically creepy, there's a lot of pain in there. 'Zero Summer Mind' marks a shift to a more mindful, curious tone rather than a subtly angry one. 'Shallow Seas' follows with a haunting vibe, but not in a horrifying way; instead, it feels more hopeless. Risker sings about a love she knows is fragile, tenderly singing "I love you exactly" again and again towards the end of the track. 'A Cooling Sun' stands in the aftermath of tragedy, before closing track 'Help Me Help Me' longs for the answers and an end to her struggles.

Jessica Risker harrowingly croons in I See You Among The Stars about a haunting past and the want for an escape. As hopeless as the record may be, Risker's search for an answer may provide the hope the album longs for. She doesn't give up even when faced with something seemingly impossible. Even in hopelessness, there's some light at the end of the tunnel worth chasing.

Favorite Track: I See You Among The Stars

Least Favorite Track: Reassign Me

Rating: 72 / 100

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