Passenger Searches For Adventure In "Runaway"

Passenger's music has always been distinctly atmospheric, longing for adventure or reflecting on a lifetime of them. That's no different in his latest record. Passenger searches for adventure in Runaway, a beautiful record that sees Passenger take his own journey.

Runaway begins powerfully with the reflective, heartbroken 'Hell Or High Water,' a wonderful indie ballad complete with banjo, a distinct drive, and a soaring orchestra. It's a beautiful start to record, and really sets the reflective, searching tone of the album. Several tracks have a similar chill vibe to it, including following tracks 'Why Can't I Change' which learns to accept the fact of a changing world and 'Heart To Love.' The more somber vibes are channeled as the album progresses, especially in tracks like 'He Leaves You Cold.'

The second half of the record finds Passenger being a lot more complacent. He battles loneliness on this spiritual adventure of his on 'Ghost Town,' finding that isn't so easy going about things on your own. Title track 'Runaway' seems to answer with him finding more strength to continue forward, finding that even if the journey may be traveled alone, the destination may not be so lonely. 'Eagle Bear Buffalo' shifts towards a more appreciative tone, its very natural and raw sound being the perfect compliment to Passenger's wondrous lyrics about Yellowstone. 'To Be Free' reflects on the past, a worldly track about recalling adventures that many have gone through in the past before 'Survivors' ends the record as powerfully as it began, orchestra blaring and the vocals soft and melodic.

Passenger searches for adventure in Runaway, going on a spiritual journey through the music to find an answer, or to escape, his loneliness. Instead of doing either, however, he learns to accept it, rather than hiding from it. The music is calming and beautiful, and really shows what Passenger has to offer.

Favorite Tracks: Hell Or High Water, Survivors

Least Favorite Track: Let's Go

Rating: 79 / 100

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