Snow Patrol's New Record "Wildness" Plays It Safe

Snow Patrol isn't a band that has changed the face of alternative music, but they evidently know how to make a solid song. Their new album sees them work with the same formulas they have been for awhile now, but it both works for and hinders the record. Snow Patrol's new record Wildness plays it safe without trying too many things out.

Wildness keeps things pretty mellow throughout its run. It opens with the chill, unassuming 'Life On Earth,' which gently builds as it goes ahead into a more anthemic piece. A little more energy is brought in with following track 'Don't Give In,' but on a more radio-friendly alternative scale rather than a super upbeat track. Nothing ever reaches that point, with all of the tracks either being a mid-tempo groove or a slow, somber one. Besides the warm, indie-laced 'Wild Horses,' that's pretty much all the album has to offer. Even closing track 'Life and Death' doesn't pick the energy up, leaving things off inoffensively yet without satisfaction.

The slower numbers on Wildness provide depth, but not quite enough to make the album really interesting. 'What If This Is All The Love You Ever Get?' is fairly sad, the chorus somberly trying to console the listener: "I'm in the ruins too, I know the wreckage so well / Come on over, come on over here." While sad, it doesn't quite leave a lasting mark other than a few of its lyrical tropes. 'A Youth Written In Fire' takes the melodies to a darker place as it follows, and then the end of the album goes on. If there's something that can be said about the music, it's that it just feels a bit empty. There's no track that stands out as bad, but none that stand out as great, either. It's as if Snow Patrol didn't want to risk ruining a standard formula by taking a chance and settled on songs that feel like they should go somewhere when they don't.

Snow Patrol's new record Wildness plays it safe, offering up some sweet mid-tempo tracks but without much depth or creativity to really push it to be a better record. It's a bit too safe, as if the band was afraid to tamper with a formula that proves to work. While that's fair enough, even a bad mistake can make a world of difference in an album that sticks too close to safety.

Favorite Track: What If This Is All The Love You Ever Get?

Least Favorite Track: Empress

Rating: 66 / 100

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